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Howard Jones - Celebrating 40 Years 1983-2023

Legendary singer, songwriter and keyboardist Howard Jones has announced that chart-topping electronic pioneers Blancmange will be joining him on his major UK tour this October to celebrate 40 years of his incredible career. The tour is expected to be a 'sonic and visual feast' and will include Jones' greatest hits and fan favourites and includes a return to the London Palladium, which he sold out in 2019.

Howard Jones became a household name in the '80s and '90s with global hits including 'Things Can Only Get Better', 'No One is to Blame,' 'What is Love?', 'Pearl in the Shell', 'Like To Get To Know You Well', along with his debut 'New Song' which are all etched into pop culture history. Since his 1984 debut album 'Human's Lib' and the 1985 follow-up 'Dream into Action' he continues to transcend generations and has sold millions of albums worldwide and continues to reach new audiences with millions of plays a month on streaming services.

Howards' debut challenges the listener to 'challenge their preconceived ideas' and he states..."I think my 80s work still resonates through the generations because of the positive message in the lyrics. I've always believed that music can give the listener a boost, especially when things in life prove challenging. Things can only get better when we realise the power of our own actions and engagement."

Jones' music has featured across multiple major movies and television shows including 'Breaking Bad', 'Stranger Things', 'Glow', 'Transformers' and 'Eddie the Eagle'. Howard pioneered the use of electronics with his early solo performances combining synthesisers and electronic percussion. His latest 5 piece band fuses technology and more traditional Instrumental skills from Nick Beggs (bass) and Robin Boult (guitar).

From Grammy performances with Stevie Wonder to 'Live Aid', where Howard performed 'Hide and Seek', Jones has amassed multiple career highlights. These include celebrated albums such as 2005's 'Revolution of the Heart' and recent critically acclaimed releases 'Transform' and 2022's 'Dialogue' along with sell-out performances around the world.

Jones' 40th anniversary celebration will see tours of Europe, North America, Asia and the UK plus some exciting releases due later this year. Tickets for the UK tour are on sale now via and

The new Howard Jones book 'We're in This Together' is now available to pre-order, available in three different formats, including a signed Super Deluxe Edition, limited to just 250 copies. This new official 'Fanthology' brings together over 350 anecdotes from fans who share their experiences of seeing Howard perform and what his music has meant to them over the past 40 years of recording and performing. The book also features a narrative from Howard, sharing some of his own personal memories. The book is published by 'This Day In Music' Books.

'We're In This Together' can be pre-ordered by clicking here or from the links below.

Howard will also be joining Boy George and Culture Club with Berlin for a North American Summer Tour, starting July 13th. Tickets for the US tour are on sale now via

To also celebrate the 40th anniversary of Howard's recorded music career, our friends at Cherry Red Records are delighted to release a brand new 'Very Best Of' compilation. For his 40th anniversary, Howard wanted to create a truly unique collection. 'Celebrate It Together The Very Best Of Howard Jones 1983-2023' is the first anthology that looks at his entire catalogue, from the original version of 'New Song,' all the way to a 2023 Elephant Talk remix of it that recasts it within a modern electronica context.* It includes songs from his classic Warner-era catalogue, as well as work from his independent Dtox label. For 'Celebrate It Together', Howard has personally chosen to group the songs into four categories: 'Popular Hits,' 'Electro,' 'Chill,' and 'Curiosities.' He wanted to elevate this selection of songs beyond the typical chronological approach and create themes that mix and match different pieces from different eras, with the overall listening experience top of mind. The Celebrate It Together - The Very Best of Howard Jones 1983-2023 is released on 6th of October as a 2CD, 4CD Clamshell Box Edition and a 2LP Translucent Mint Green Edition. (*4CD and 2CD formats only.)

To order your copy of this release, visit the Cherry Red store here.

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